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past several years we have completed many noteworthy projects including a major project for AT & T in which we handled changeouts on several high rise skyscrapers as well as over 100 retail stores.

















Arnco also worked on the Evergreen Walk project in South Windsor CT recently, at which we
installed dozens of high end fabric awnings and illuminated box signs for the biggest names in
retail stores currently in America. This was all done over a three week period in the middle of
the winter during which we put in long hours on short cold winter days! Time and temperature
is something that our employees have learned to work with in CT, as our summers are hot, and
the winters are extremely cold, rarely do our crews stay at home because of
the weather, enabling you the customer to ALWAYS meet deadline dates for your projects, no
matter rain, sleet, or snow!

We have also benefited from the hotel boom in Connecticut with large hi-rise type projects such
as Holliday Inn, Comfort Suites, Econolodge, Best Western, and Westin Inns all involving locations
adjacent to interstate highways.

Bank mergers, changeovers, and renovations are another one of our specialities as we
have done numerous projects in this field recently including Wells Fargo, AT & T, rebranding
of hundreds of sites in which we covered all of New England as well as New York State and
countless other major projects. We specialize in wall signs, both letters and boxes, pole signs, neon,
awnings, ATM surrounds as well as many other sign and lighting types making us the best
option and most knowledgeable for every need and aspect of a sign identification
changeover or rebranding.

One of our specialties is very high profile restaurant chains - Boston Market, Olive Garden, Denny's,
and TGI Fridays are projects we have handled which involve wall and pole signs as well as menu
boards, border neon, and interior signs.

When it comes to large-scale projects Arnco has a reputation for excellence.  Westfield
Shoppingtown, Kohl's, Walgreens, CVS, Domino's pizza, Taco Bell, Arby's
and STAPLES are just a few examples of projects where the closely scheduled time factor shows our
committment with meeting customer's expectations.

We offer pre-site construction surveys and always are available to have management on site to
minimize and solve problems. We offer the newest digital surveying and emailing capabilities
and have a policy of continuing to keep up with the latest technological advances.

At Arnco we feel your customer needs are important to us and we strive to keep your customers
completely satisfied as we look forward to the future.


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